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A mummy is the body of a person or an animal that has been preserved after death through the process of mummification. Normally when we die, bacteria and other germs eat away the out soft body tissues  leaving only the bones behind. Since bacteria need water in order to survive, mummification causes the body dries out quickly after death. The body may then be so well preserved that we can even tell how the dead person may have looked in life.

The art of Egyptian mummification consisted of many steps. First, the body was washed and ritually purified. The next step was to remove the deceased person''s inner organs. A slit was cut into the left side of the body so that the embalmers could remove the intestines, the liver, the stomach and the lungs, except the heart, and preserved them in Canopic jars.  The brain, thought to be useless, was discarded  by first being smashed and pulled out through the nose with hooks.  The emptied body was then covered in natron, to speed up the process of dehydration and prevent decomposition. Natron dries the body up faster than desert sand, preserving the body better. They were wrapped with strips of white linen, and then in a sheet of canvas for extra protection. Once preserved, the mummies were laid to rest in a sarcophagus inside a tomb, where it was believed that the mummy would rest eternally.

Three of the most famous Egyptians mummies are Seti I, Tutankhamen and Ramses the Great (Rameses II).   Among these three mummified pharoahs, Tutankhamen is the youngest.

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